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Ozone AMP V1


The AMP V1 represents a new paradigm in C- kite design. It is a progressive yet user – friendly Freestyle and Park – style kite, offering amateur to pro the
response, feedback and control needed to take their riding to the next level.

The design team focused on creating a kite that was both predictable and adaptable for hooked and un-hooked riding. The AMP has been developed to grow with you; no longer are the progressive kites for just the Professionals! Whether you’re learning your first un-hooked raley, boosting kite loops, or styling out advanced park and freestyle manoeuvers, the AMP will keep you in control with the highest level of feedback, predictable turning speed and a similar feeling precisely tuned across all sizes. It is ultra smooth to fly and provides inspirational confidence to go for it!
The AMP features three unique and easily interchangeable performance settings to compliment your skill set and riding needs:

• 4-Line Bridle Mode Setting 1 – Freeride / Freestyle/ Kite Loop
• 4-Line Bridle Mode Setting 2 – Unhooked Freestyle/ Park
• 5-Line Mode – Unhooked Freestyle / Park(Advanced)

Backline adjustments allow you to further tune the AMP to your personal preference. The attachment closest to the trailing edge provides lighter bar pressure and a faster turn speed. The attachment closest to the leading edge provides heavier bar pressure and a slower turn speed. There’s no need to feel left behind, join the progression and stay AMP’d!

STOP PRESS - Black is a standard colour, sorry no image available at the moment.

All other colours other than these 4 shown here are available, but incur a custom colour charge - ask for details.


AMP V1 4-Line to 5-Line Conversion (Kite and Control System) from Ozone Kites on Vimeo.


Ozone AMP V1