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Welcome to The Kite Loft Australia

by Adam Hochmuth |

Welcome to The Kite Loft Australia's first official blog post! We are hoping to keep you all up to date with local kite news plus much more!

At The Kite Loft Australia we are a welcoming and inclusive shop, so we want to hear about what you're interested in. If you have some news or reviews that you would like to share, drop us a line and we can include it in our blog. Think all things wind, water and surf.

Give me some names of some professional kiters you want to hear from and we'll see what we can do! 

Is there a particular area of kiting that you want to get better in? We can put together some tips, tricks and advice.

What products would you like to know about? We'll do some reviews on our Ozone, Ocean Rodeo, F-One, Shinn and Mystic products. First up we'll follow on from our video blog about the Ocean Rodeo Aluula series kites and their continued success. 

We'll keep you on top of upcoming events. This weekend we have the Queensland State Wave Titles being run by Kiteboarding Queensland. If you have an event you want to let us know about send us a DM. 

Coming up in our next blog we'll let you know about the recent Slingshot Big Weekend Away. Also we’re going to plan an end of season break up party, so we’ll keep you posted!

Until next time, good winds to you