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Adams Kite Repair

The Kite Loft Australia

Australia’s newest kitesurfing retail shop building on the back of Adam’s Kite Repair. We are an authorized dealer for Ozone, Ocean Rodeo, F-ONE BWS, Shinn World Boards, and Mystic, as well as a varying range of pre-loved kite gear. Pop in for professional advice on new gear.

Simply the best kite repair in australia at the right price - undisputed. I've bought 2 x Ozone Wasp and Axis Hydrofoil from the Kite Loft and have been very happy with the price. The owner is highly ethical and responsible and is very customer focused. The Kite Loft has filled a much needed gap in the local area for Kiting, Wing Dinging, Hydrofoils, and Kite Repair.

Gerard Kellett

Adam’s repairs are of upmost quality. I have multiple kites repaired by him, and all of the repairs have not been noticeable in the function of the kite and none of the repairs have failed. He can fix anything from kites to harnesses, so it’s a super convenient one stop shop. He also has retail gear in stock, so if you decide your gear isn’t worth being fixed you can pick up some new gear at the same time.

Morgan Skiperdene

Tore the leading edge of my kite and into the canopy, thought it was ruined but Adam fixed it so you cant even tell a repair has been done. Fixed in a few days too!!! And Adams a legend

Jamie Field

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