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Shinn Monk X 2022 Prismatic



Here it is.... the Monk X is the 10th Generation of one of the world's most popular kiteboards.

Crisp and sharp performance in an industry leading package that combines unbelievable chop handling, amazing carving, and an outstandingly easy, comfortable ride. With the Monk X, we bring you a board that can grip, rip and slash without causing your knees and back to pay the price for it.

Utilizing our unique multi-ridge/concave base design and exclusive Fan tail Exhaust tips every feature of the Monk has been designed to redirect the water flow as smoothly and efficiently as possible creating a deck where the dynamic flex pattern can function with the hydro-dynamics –not against.

Here in Shinn we don’t view freeride as the poor relation to freestyle – the Monk X features all of our cutting-edge technology putting into your hands (or feet) more grip, drive, and POP than ever before all the while wrapped up in a package of chop eating, plush comfort. How much more fun can you have?

Crisp and sharp feeling, amazing carving ability
Insane Chop Handling & Ease of Use
Improved Grip & Efficiency

132 X 40 (43mm fins) (rider < 80kg)
134 x 41cm (53mm fins) (rider 75 - 85kg)
136 x 42cm (53mm fins) (rider 80 – 90kg)
138 x 43cm (53mm fins) (rider 85 – 95kg)
140 x 44 (53mm fins) (rider > 80kg)

Bindings and Handle sold separately


Shinn Monk X 2022 Prismatic - The Kite Loft

Shinn Monk X 2022 Prismatic