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Quobba fins


Kai Lenny

I really like the fins, especially in punchy beach breaks or powerful reef breaks.

The base technology makes the fins and my board feel very powerful and I am able to push extremely hard and project forward.

The wobble that the board can get from choppy conditions was stabilized from the fin technology.

Refer MSW:


James Carew – Current World No 1 / GKA Pro Tour

If you love going fast, blowing out sections and driving through upside down barrels, you’ve found the right fin. These wizards have created a fin that stops flat spots in your surfing, generating and holding speed through all sections, subsequently turning a shitty day into a really fun surf. The freedom you gain on waves surfing with Quobbas in your board is unparalleled, I haven’t gone back to a regular fin since putting them in.

Roderick Pijls / Professional Kitesurfer

Hope everything is fine on your side. My name is Roderick Pijls, professional kitesurfer, and I got advised my Peter Bacon and Ryan Cracker to get in touch with you.

I’ve been seeing the Quobba fins around for some time and eventually I got the chance to test them, just before my world cup competition in Mauritius, and I just kept them on for the rest of the competition. It felt so natural and the drive is just something different.

Johanna Catharina Edin / Professional Kitesurfer

Thank you so much again, I love the fins!!!!

“Since I started riding Quobba fins it has completely change my style in kiting.

I feel a huge difference in my riding after changing to Quobba fins, I used to ride with larger size fins which comes together with my kitesurf-board but after the change to the Q medium thrusters it have helped me find a better grip to generate a faster and more vertical bottom turn. Which helps me to easy hit the pocket and in the same time gives me a good control and flow while realise the fins.

I can really recommend this fins for more female shredders!”

Ralph Boelen / Professional Kitesurfer

Hey there,

I am Ralph Boelen, first french kitesurf champion and 5th GKA championship, I have been testing your fins from a good friend of mine James Carew, and I really fell in love with it for my kitesurf sessions.

I would be really stoke to promote them from my side if in exchange I could get a few set.

Please let me know what you think, hopefully we can work out something.

My social media profile:

All the best!


Ry Blakeney

I love playing around and riding lots of different shape surfboards- it keeps things interesting for me . But there,s never been any fins that you get that feeling from- only ever been quite subtle feeling changes, like a different size fin or a different flex in the material etc. Until now no fins have made a difference to my surfing as these fins have. they feel so fast and make all more boards feel like they come alive in no way they have before- makes me never want to go back to the fins i used to ride, I’m now hooked.
These fins have really got me frothing on surfing again, I’m making sections i never would of normally been able to make surfing and for kitesurfing the hold through turns is crazy, gives you that extra grip when turning against your kite! do yourself a favour and get your hands on some, you won’t regret it

Charlie Wise

Charlie Wise – Pro Kite Surfer / GKA Tour

I first tried the orange Quobba fins surfing at a right hand point break in Morocco. They were insane how down the line and quick they were, and
i also found they had perfect release on my backhand. I fell in love with them, especially when i started kiting on them.
When the new larger yellow versions came out this year i was frothing. I had been kiting on the smaller ones but found they were a bit small for me when the surf got bigger. I knew the larger ones would be all-time. As a kiter you want fins that allow you to hold your rail when you want and release when you want. This is exactly what Quobbas do and is one of the best feelings in kiting. The flow you get from these fins turn to turn is unreal!
I’m not exactly sure how the foil concept works on the fins, but it certainly works. I never thought fins could make such a difference in speed on the waves until i tried the Quobbas. The moto “The faster you go the faster you go” makes sense after using them.

Mike Bergman

I have just come back from a few weeks up in Gnaraloo and used the fins in my surfboards and kite board.

I am a fairly average surfer but did feel the difference the fins offered. Definitely made the board more responsive and definitely felt like I was able to generate more speed with them to get around some of the sections I would normally not expect to get around.

I am a fairly experienced kitesurfer and have been involved in product testing for a kite company in the past.
The fins definitely improved the performance of the board I had them on. Normally I run the board with a med FCS fin in a tri fin set up with a small rear fin to loosen the tail up. This allows me to do what I want off the top but compromises the stability through drawn-out bottom turns.

I used the board with the Quobba fins in a range of conditions ranging from 4 foot face waves to 15 foot face waves. The std Quobba set had a similar looseness as my normal set up but gave a lot more stability in the drawn out bottom turns. Another benefit I felt was that with marginal winds the board was more inclined to get on the plane sooner allowing me to use it in lighter winds. One observer commented that I was pointing higher into the wind than the other kiters even though I hadn’t really noticed this myself.

Without doing direct comparison runs in the same conditions with the two different set ups ( which is what I used to do when testing) I would say that the board definitely felt better all round and I definitely prefer it to my previous set up.
I did briefly try them on a SUP but I normally have a quad set up and had to use the Quobba fins in the tri fin configuration which I didn’t like. Keen to try a quad set up when you release your larger sized fin.

Hope this info is of some help, if you want any more specifics or details I am happy to try and help.

Congratulations on what you guys have achieved, I really believe that you have been able to achieve an increased performance.

Cheers Mike


Jeff – Smook Kite Boards

I love the fins.

Now that I’ve used the fins in down the line waves I will be recommending with my boards.

I already have 5 riders on them. Cheers – Jeff

Quobba fins


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kiteloft and Quobba Fins

If it wasn't for Adam's great experience, knowledge, and willingness to share, I would never have tried Quobba Fins.
Like magic, turned a very ordinary board into a great board, lots of drive, yet loose. No idea how, but these fins are brilliant.

richard stevens
Great service. Excellent product

Above and beyond service after I ordered the wrong one. Adam resent the right one straightaway. Great customer service!