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Mystic Warrior 2023 Waist Harness


The Kite Lofts Most popular harness to date!


It's called the Warrior for a reason. Thanks to popular demand we've been able to improve it over and over. With a 3D molded exterior, anatomical backplate and soft neoprene edges, this softshell waist harness gives you more freedom of movement and comfort than ever. Also, the battle belt 2.0 system and PVA non-slip foam on the 

The Warrior is Mystic's showpiece and therefore one of the most popular models. This year, the already good Warrior just got even better! The Mystic Warrior harness has a very good fit and whether you are a beginner or advanced, the Warrior is made to enjoy for years to come! Are you looking for a harness with a great fit and optimal comfort or is a hardshell harness just not in your budget? Then go for the Mystic Warrior 2022!

The Mystic Warrior has a 3D molded back, so that the harness fits perfectly around your body. Thanks to the anatomical back plate, the harness gives you a lot of support, so that you can have hours of sessions without back problems! The edges of the Warrior have neoprene edges for comfort and freedom of movement. This year the Mystic Warrior comes with the new Ace spreader bar. The Ace spreader bar is a super reliable spreader bar with wide soft padding on the inside to distribute the power over the entire width of the spreader bar. Curve Stealth Wings have been added to the sides of the spreader bar. These wings are quite sturdy, which prevents the spreader bar from tilting upwards. The new lever lock makes opening the spreader bar even easier, even with thick gloves you can open the spreader bar with one movement!

Mystic Warrior 2022 Hip Harness
Softshell harness
Anatomical back plate
3D molded back
Soft neoprene edges
Flex covers
Fix Foam
Battle Belt
Includes Ace Spreader bar, creates a snug fit to ensure riding at its finest 




Mystic Warrior 2023 Waist Harness - The Kite Loft

Mystic Warrior 2023 Waist Harness