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Shinn Superking 2019 Comfort Fit 160 x 45cm


The Superking Comfort Fit has only one mission – absolute lightwind supremacy. Increasing your time on the water with amazing power efficiency and unbelievable upwind ability the 160 is both playful and forgiving with a sublime handling and comfort in chop rarely found in a “door style” deck. Designed for the pure love of kiteboarding the Superking 160 Comfort Fit is set to become an instant classic. 


  • 3-step LW rocker
  - This low radius 3-step rocker gives amazing light wind glide yet the flexible tips allow for stronger wind control and carving
  • Split concave base
  - This innovative base shape enhances grip and softens the ride without losing efficiency
  • Asymmetrical fin layout
 - Maximum grip, minimum drag - the comfort fit rips upwind with minimal power
  • Paulownia full wood core
 - The best strength to weight ratio available with long lasting durability
  • Bite 43mm hi-visibility fins
 -  Optoflex molded composite fins for superior profile accuracy and lighter weight (included)
  • Peace of mind with our 2 year manufacturing defect warranty (conditions apply)

160 x 45

Sneaker SRS or sneaker 6 accessories
 Enjoy our snowboard ratchet technology for the ultimate, quick adjust fit or choose a time proven velcro classic. (Not included)

Superking - Low Wind Range from SHINNWORLD on Vimeo.


Shinn Superking 2019 Comfort Fit 160 x 45cm