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Shinn ADHD Distortion


ADHD Distortion
High-Performance Freestyle and Big Air

All-new for 2020 the ADHD Distortion is our highest performance deck. Stiff enough to perform yet comfortable enough to enjoy we’ve built an entirely new hull concept to bring you the best in Freestyle and Big Air as the conditions dictate.
New Full Length Drive Channels increase control for handling the massive power levels required for explosive moves and combined with the Tunnel Concave Tips work to stop the fins catching or rocker flattening when the landings don’t go quite as planned.
Whether competition freestyle of KOTA air style Mega Loops are your thing (or both when conditions allow) the all-new ADHD Distortion inspires confidence and delivers on performance through all conditions.

High-performance Freestyle or Big Air
Explosive Grip and POP
Rock-Steady Landing Platform
Combined Paulownia and Poplar Wood Core
Built for Straps or Bindings
Full-Length Drive Channels
Tunnel Concave Tips
Constant Curve Rocker
BITE Hi-performance Fin

Sneaker HMT (optional)

Flex Rating


Shinn ADHD Distortion