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Shinn Ronson Magnet

Shinn Ronson Magnet


“Truly an instant classic… infinite control… Dreamy flex…the Ronson is fantastic” – sounds like the marketing department went wild but these are the words of the Kiteworld Magazine Test team. As a dynamic kiteboarder not willing to be limited by conditions or riding style Ronson will fulfil all your demands. There is no board on the market that bridges the gap between freestyle and freeride so effortlessly.
Our combination of a split concave central region and double step tip channels offers previously unheard-of levels of comfort and grip in a performance board. Soft yet controlled landings and a reliable, unhindered set up no matter how harsh the water conditions will expand your confidence and take your riding to new levels.
Any rider of intermediate level or above will love the feeling of the board doing the work for you under your feet…. with Ronson you’ll never have the wrong deck under your feet again.

  • Outstanding Ride in All Conditions
  • Limitless Grip and Control
  • Renowned Comfort and Riding Position
  • Full Wood Core
  • Strap or Boot Bindings
  • Constant Curve Rocker
  • Double Stepped Tips
  • Split Concave

  • BITE Hi-performance Fins
  • Sneaker 6 or Sneaker HMT (optional)

Flex Rating
  • 6

Shinn Ronson Magnet