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Ozone Hyperlink V2


Ozone Hyperlink V2 | The most versatile foil kite on the market, now in its second generation.

The Hyperlink V2 is the perfect option for anyone taking the leap from inflatable to foil kites.
It has a rapid inflation thanks to the new valve design and positioning combined with a new internal structure.
The new drainage valves at both wing tips seal to keep air in, and open up when water needs to drain out.

With unparalleled stability, lighter weight, improved handling and bar feeling the V2 design takes it to the next level.
It excels on water, snow and land. Our innovative valve design makes it quick and easy to set up as a Closed Cell or Open Cell kite.

The Hyperlink V2 features an all-new material combination; it's durable, airtight and extremely lightweight.
The new material has a unique formulated coating to help shed water, improving flying characteristics and water re-launch.

The ability to safely self-land a kite on the snow or land is a crucial feature.
We have completely re-designed the internal structure to incorporate our industry leading Internal Re-Ride Release System.
This allows the kite to de-power instantly without tangling, and falls to the ground to re-launch when ready.

  •  State of the art design technology
  •  New lightweight, airtight and durable double rib-stop material
  •  4-Line Closed Cell and 5-Line Open Cell modes
  •  Industry Leading Internal Re-Ride Release System (Open Cell Mode)


  • Exceptional Ozone Factory construction
  • Designed with OzCAD
  • High Performance Ultra Light Materials
  • Innovative Inflate Valve
  • 4-line Closed Cell and 5-line Open Cell modes
  • L.E Profile Reinforcements
  • Internal Diagonals and Straps
  • Sheathed Dyneema Bridle Lines
  • Double Pulley Speed System
  • Water Drainage Channel and Valves
  • Waterproof deflation zipper
  • Comparable feeling throughout the size range
  • Fool proof line connectors
  • Two storage bags

Ozone Hyperlink V2