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Mystic Strappies


Mystic Strappies are an awesome addition to any waist harness. Is your waist harness riding up too much? Do you want to have the comfort and mobility of a waist with the support of a seat harness? Well then grab a pair of Mystic Strappies and add them to your waist harness. Strappies are also perfect for snowkiters and landboarders. Get added support with this very reasonably priced addition to your waist harness.

Mystic Strappies are an excellent choice for beginner kiteboarders as well. Strappies combine the advantages of a seat harness with the simplicity and comfort of your waist harness.

Technical features:

• Comfort padded legstraps
• Adjustable seat height
• Great freedom of movement

*One size fits all.  Harness not included*

Mystic Strappies