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Mystic Star Waist Harness Women


The all new Mystic Star Waist Harness has all the technological aspects of Mystic's top of the range harnesses at an affordable price.

The Mystic Star has a triple padding construction, 3D contoured neoprene interior and elasticated waist closure creating great comfort for the rider, but at the same time allows the Harness to move in sync with the rider, therefore allowing the rider to change their style of riding to suit the conditions.

Harness the power of your traction activities - waist style harness suitable for all land and water based activities. 


  • Anatomical backplate
  • 3D contoured neoprene interior
  • Non-slip print
  • HP system included
  • Covered side parts
  • Spreaderbar protector
  • Battle belt waist closure
  • Multi hook | Bananabar | 4 point fixation



Mystic Star Waist Harness Women