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Shinn Ronson 2021 Chromatic Classic Fit

All new (and yet surprisingly familiar) the Ronson Chromatic is the latest version of this popular and test winning model, designed to fulfil the desires of the dynamic kiteboarder not willing to be limited by conditions or riding style.

We’ve utilised and developed the technological lessons learned from the development of the Slicer Split TT to bring you a board that seamlessly bridges the gap between freestyle and freeride. The all-new dual-track base channels add rail grip and radically increase efficiency achieving the seemingly impossible combination of better upwind and light-wind performance and improved top-end grip at the same time.

Built to perform in marginal and radical conditions alike, the new Ronson Chromatic will take your riding to new levels when-ever, wherever, and what-ever.

  • 138 x 41 (53mm fins)
  • 141 x 42 (53mm fins)
  • Outstanding Ride in All Conditions
  • Limitless Grip and Control
  • Renowned Comfort and Riding Position
  • Full Paulownia Wood Core
  • Strap or Boot Binding Options
  • Constant Curve Rocker
  • Double Stepped Tips
  • Dual-Track Base Channels

Ships with - BITE Hi-performance Fins and handle  Pads and straps sold separately

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Shinn Ronson 2021 Chromatic Classic Fit